Information Length Analysis of Linear Autonomous Stochastic Processes

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    When studying the behaviour of complex dynamical systems, a statistical formulation can provide useful insights. In particular, information geometry is a promising tool for this purpose. In this paper, we investigate the information length for n-dimensional linear autonomous stochastic processes, providing a basic theoretical framework that can be applied to a large set of problems in engineering and physics. A specific application is made to a harmonically bound particle system with the natural oscillation frequency ω, subject to a damping γ and a Gaussian white-noise. We explore how the information length depends on ω and γ, elucidating the role of critical damping γ = 2ω in information geometry. Furthermore, in the long time limit, we show that the information length reflects the linear geometry associated with the Gaussian statistics in a linear stochastic process.
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    Publication statusPublished - 7 Nov 2020

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    Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship (RF-2018-142-9).


    • Entropy
    • Fluctuations
    • Information geometry
    • Information length
    • Non-equilibrium
    • Stochastic processes
    • Time-dependent PDF

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