Influence of Weld Pores on the Very Long-Life Fatigue Failure of the Electron Beam Welding Joints of TC17 Titanium Alloy

Fulin Liu , Hong Zhang , Hanqing Liu , Yao Chen , Kashif Khan, Qingyuan Wang , Yongjie Liu

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    The electron beam welding process is widely used in the connection among titanium alloy material parts of aero-engines. Its mechanical properties need to meet the requirements of long life and high reliability. In this paper, the static strength and the fatigue failure behavior of the electron beam weldments of TC17 titanium alloy were investigated experimentally under low amplitude high frequency (20 kHz), and the mechanical response and failure mechanism under different external loading conditions were analyzed. In summary, the samples were found to have anisotropic microstructure. The tensile strength of the PWHT of TC17 EBW joint was~ 4.5% lower than that of the base metal. Meanwhile, compared with the base metal, the fatigue strength was reduced by 45.5% at 10 9 cycles of fatigue life. The fracture analysis showed that the fatigue failure of the welded joint of TC17 alloy was caused by the welded pores and the fatigue cracks initiated from the welded pores. A fine granular area (FGA) was observed around the crack initiation region. The existence of pores caused the stress intensity factor of the fine granular area (K FGA) to be inversely proportional to the fatigue life. The K FGA calculation formula was modified and the fatigue crack propagation threshold of the welded joint of TC17 alloy was calculated (3.62 MPa· m 1/2). Moreover, the influences of the effective size and the relative depth of the pores on the very long fatigue life of the electron beam welded joint of TC17 titanium alloy were discussed.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1825
    Number of pages17
    Issue number11
    Publication statusPublished - 5 Jun 2019

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    • titanium alloy TC17
    • electron beam welded joint
    • welded pores
    • very high cycle fatigue regime
    • stress intensity factor


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