Huff & Puff: Modular sculpture, colour printed vinyl, augmented reality, dance performance animations

Ruth Gibson (Artist), Bruno Martelli (Artist)

    Research output: Practice-Based and Non-textual ResearchArtefact


    Huff & Puff is a mixed-reality modular sculpture (an appropriation of Charles and Ray Eames’ ‘House of Cards’ ) encourages audiences to view sequences of motion captured dance as augmented reality animations via a custom smart phone app. Forming a multipart ‘stage-like’ space for the augmented performances, the sculpture is also intended to be recombined by viewers.
    Research aims:- Disrupt space, altering shifts of perception, habits and limitations of smartphone applications. - Challenge ideas of dance performance and display in a different format through the lens of technology in combination with visual art.

    - Construct different modalities of performance.

    - Create new modes of interaction with performance.

    - Reach new audiences.
    GOSH Arts commissioned Gibson/Martelli to undertake a creative research project to explore the potential and benefits of augmented reality and performance in the hospital setting,  in the pre-anaesthetics ward,  to explore how augmented reality can support the Patient Journey to surgery and ease pre-anaesthetic anxiety. 
    Huff & Puff is an iteration of the MAN A project, responsive to site, highlighting novel audience engagement with motion-captured dance improvisations, animations revealed by direct relations of subject to objects, sculptures, wall prints and installations of differing scales.
    Gibson/Martelli re-imagine ‘dazzle’ camouflage as tribal markings for invisible performers, moving within a window installation activated by a special augmented reality App.High contrast geometric patterns of ‘dazzle camouflage’ act as a ready made triggers, as markers easily readable by computer-vision algorithms. Viewers are invited to re-calibrate their spatial and proprioceptive faculties to fully interact with the virtual liveness of motion captured dance performances. The performers who lent their motion captured presence to the installation are all experts in Skinner Releasing Dance Technique (SRT). 
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 20 Mar 2016


    • sculpture
    • Augmented reality
    • mixed reality
    • dance and visual art
    • Printing
    • Performance
    • interaction
    • Motion Capture


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