Identification, Analysis and Improvement of Red Meat Supply Chain Strategies Considering the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic: A Hybrid SWOT-QSPM Approach in an Emerging Economy

Farshid Riahi Dorcheh, Seyed Hossein Razavi Hajiagha, Misagh Rahbari, Vahid Jafari-Sadeghi, Hannan Amoozad Mahdiraji

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Purpose. In recent years, and especially during the coronavirus disease COVID-19 pandemic, the significant role of agriculture, specifically red meat, in household consumption has been increased. On the other hand, the lack of proper policy-making in the production and pricing of red meat and the lack of a comprehensive study on the beef supply chain has led to a reduction in the role of this protein product in the household food basket. Thus, in this research, comprehensive strategic planning considering the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been illustrated to overcome the aforementioned problems.
Design. To study the intended objectives, first, using qualitative methods, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to the studied company's supply chain in Iran were identified and then using the SWOT-QSPM technique, the surrounding strategies have been analysed.
Findings. The results indicate that the most important strength of the studied company is the “access to the red meat market of the retirement plan”; the most important weakness is the “lack of required and on-time funding, especially in the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic”; the highest-ranked opportunity is the “access to banking facilities”, and the main threat to the company is the “COVID-19 pandemic limitations and health protocols”. In the same vein, by examining the attractiveness score of internal and external factors, it was observed that diversity and competitive strategies would have a higher priority. Finally, the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) illustrated that activating the full capacity of existing infrastructure has the highest priority.
Originality. According to the red meat supply chain and the link among different market levels, identifying, analysing and improving the beef supply chain is of particular importance. One of the threats facing the international community is the emergence of events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which requires businesses to choose the right strategy to deal with the issue. Therefore, the main distinction of this study is to identify, analyse and improve the red meat supply chain of a real case due to the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4194-4223
Number of pages30
JournalBritish Food Journal
Issue number12
Early online date25 May 2021
Publication statusPublished - 2 Nov 2021


  • COVID-19 pandemic
  • Red meat
  • SWOT-QSPM technique
  • Supply chain

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