h*pt: 一种鼓励质量平衡产量的 h 型指数

Translated title of the contribution: h*pt: An h-type index encouraging quality and balancing productivity

    Research output: Other contribution


    As a balanced indicator for both the quality and productivity of researchers’ scientific outputs, h-index suffers severely from loss of significant information in citation distributions so that its ability to discriminate researchers is rather limited. H-index not only fails to distinguish researchers with quasi the same h-values, but also lacks the ability to promote researchers’ foci on originality and high quality. Current extensions to h-index by exploiting citation distribution characteristics all exhibit some “pathologically” eccentric behaviors against either real datasets or theoretical distributions. With a motivation of balancing quality and quantity, this paper proposes a new h-type index h*pt by exploiting citation distribution characteristics, which encourages quality by defining reward/penalty factors to excess/long-tail citations, and at the same time balances productivity by scaling citations outside the h-core to the average performance of the long-tail papers. Extensive experiments on both the ACL Anthology Network dataset and several theoretical citation distributions prove that the proposed h*pt achieves reasonably better results than previous h-type extensions.
    Translated title of the contributionh*pt: An h-type index encouraging quality and balancing productivity
    Original languageChinese (Simplified)
    Number of pages13
    Publication statusPublished - Jan 2017


    • h*pt-index
    • h-index
    • citation distribution
    • research evaluation
    • qualitative indicator


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