Historical Dissenting Christian Academies and Contemporary Muslim Educational Institutions: Contexts, Comparisons, Resonances and Contrasts

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    This article aims to bring into comparative resonance and contrast, aspects of the of the “Dissenting Academies” of 17th-19th centuries of English history and aspects of the contemporary experience of Muslim educational institutions in the UK. The paper emerges out of thinking and reflection around the intersection between three principal sources, namely: relevant research and publications relating to historical dissenting Christian Academies; relevant research relating to contemporary Muslim educational institutions; personal positioning within a religious tradition related to the historical Dissenting Christian traditions; and professional experience as an external examiner working with contemporary Muslim (and other religious-based) educational institutions, as an external panellist on panels to validate some of the awards at such institutions and, as University manager exploring possible collaborative partnerships with such. On the basis of bringing these sources and perspectives together, the paper then seeks to undertake a comparison between contexts of historical Dissenting Academies and contemporary Muslim institutions out of which critically to explore and discuss what might be learned from the resonances and contrasts identified
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    Publication statusPublished - 21 Apr 2022

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