Globalization and Health Systems Change

John Lister

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    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationGlobalization and Health: Pathways, Evidence and Policy
    EditorsRonald Labonte, Ted Schrecker, Corinne Packer, Vivien Runnels
    Place of PublicationNew York
    VolumeRoutledge Studies in Health and Social Welfare
    ISBN (Print)978-0415993340
    Publication statusPublished - May 2009

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    Author's note: This chapter, co-written with Prof Ronald Labonte of the University of Ottawa is a shortened version of a 108 page monograph by John Lister published in 2007(1), which in turn was part of a WHO commissioned project on the social determinants of health.
    John Lister was commissioned to research on globalisation and health for the Global Knowledge Network, a working group based at the University of Ottawa, charged with producing research on specific aspects of globalisation, feeding in to the wider WHO project.
    Discussions and collaborative work on this 18 month project included meetings with an international panel of academics in London and in South Africa, and the finished product integrates some of the critique and additional suggestions from these top-level discussions.
    The rigour of the original monograph and of the subsequent shorter chapter cited here, was reinforced by the stringent peer review process in which the draft was sent for comment to critics with sharply opposing views on the ideological issues discussed, every reference was doublechecked, and every criticism addressed.
    Both the chapter and the monograph are cited in the very recent online publication by the WHO of the overview book summing up its conclusions from the discussions on social determinants of health (The Commission on Social Determinants of Health Knowledge Networks, Jennifer H Lee and Ritu Sadana (eds) (2011) Improving Equity in Health by Addressing Social Determinants, WHO Geneva
    (1) Lister J (2007). Globalization and Health Systems Change, Globalization Knowledge Network Research Papers. Ottawa, Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa. Available: ge%20Lister.pdf

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