Fontonola and Fontomatic – sound objects

Andrew Spackman, Jonathan Barnbrook (Designer), Si Scott (Designer), Jasper Goodall (Designer), Michael Wolff (Designer)

    Research output: Practice-Based and Non-textual ResearchExhibition

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    Author's note: The Fontonola and Fontomatic were sound objects/ machines that where commissioned by The Plus International Design Expo, Birmingham. Plus was a design and typographic festival and symposium of pioneering and innovative work in the field.
    Other contributors to the festival included: Jonathan Barnbrook, Designers Republic, Airside, Si Scott, Jasper Goodall and Michael Wolff.
    The Fontonola was a sound object piece that operated within a Typographic and Graphic Design context and as such it expanded the arena and discussion around the areas of Typography and graphic design.
    The Fontonola used projected typography as the triggering ‘stimulus’ for a midi controlled set of instruments/sound loops. The work questioned ideas of performer control in relation to a devised instrument, chance and improvised performance.
    The work drew upon Andrew Spackman’s broad background/training in graphic design, aircraft avionics and experimental music and proved a unique ‘hybrid’ of these skills and approaches. The Fontonola was reviewed in an article in the highly regarded Graphic Design magazine, Creative review in June 2008.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2008

    Bibliographical note

    The Fontomatic was a second development presented at Plus International Design Expo 2008.
    The attached presentation contains images which can be used for educational purposes only. Any other use must be in written permission from the copyright holder Andrew Spackman: [email protected]
    Format: sound objects/machines
    Extent: none given
    Rights holder: Andrew Spackman
    Part of series: 17 – 21 October, 2007. “The Fontonola “, Exhibited at Plus International Design Expo, Birmingham
    “The Fontonola”, Exhibited in group show, Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry
    “The Fontomatic”, Plus International Design Expo, Birmingham
    Related publications: June 2008. The Fontonola, Article published in Creative Review Magazine


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