FEM-based modelling of stabilized fibrous peat by end-bearing cement deep mixing columns

Ali Dehghanbanadaki, Shervin Motamedi, Kamarudin Ahmad

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This study aims to simulate the stabilization process of fibrous peat samples using end-bearing Cement Deep Mixing (CDM) columns by three area improvement ratios of 13.1% (TS-2), 19.6% (TS-3) and 26.2% (TS-3). It also focuses on the determination of approximate stress distribution between CDM columns and untreated fibrous peat soil. First, fibrous peat samples were mechanically stabilized using CDM columns of different area improvement ratio. Further, the ultimate bearing capacity of a rectangular foundation rested on the stabilized peat was calculated in stress-controlled condition. Then, this process was simulated via a FEM-based model using Plaxis 3-D foundation and the numerical modelling results were compared with experimental findings. In the numerical modelling stage, the behaviour of fibrous peat was simulated based on hardening soil (HS) model and Mohr-Coulomb (MC) model, while embedded pile element was utilized for CDM columns. The results indicated that in case of untreated peat HS model could predict the behaviour of fibrous peat better than MC model. The comparison between experimental and numerical investigations showed that the stress distribution between soil (S) and CDM columns (C) were 81%C-19%S (TS-2), 83%C-17%S (TS-3) and 89%C-11%S (TS-4), respectively. This implies that when the area improvement ratio is increased, the share of the CDM columns from final load was increased. Finally, the calculated bearing capacity factors were compared with results on the account of empirical design methods.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)75-86
Number of pages12
JournalGeomechanics and Engineering
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 10 Jan 2020


  • stress distribution
  • soil cement columns
  • peat soil
  • rectangular foundation
  • numerical modelling
  • Rectangular foundation
  • Stress distribution
  • Soil cement columns
  • Peat soil
  • Numerical modelling

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