Extendible safety device above a vehicle bumper

Christophe Bastien (Inventor), Stephen Faithfull (Inventor), Kara Louise Laing (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A safety device comprises a member 19 which is suitable for location between a motor vehicle bonnet 12 and a transversely extending bumper 14 concealed by a fascia 16, wherein at least an upper part of the member 19 is capable of deploying forwards of the bonnet 12 front when the fascia 16 is deformed in a collision. Preferably, the member 19 is a grille for admitting air to an engine compartment and which pivots forwards when the fascia 16 is deformed by means of a mechanical coupling 21. Alternatively, movement of the member 19 may be electronically controlled and pyrotechnically actuated. The member 19 is preferably made from a resilient plastic and may be mounted on a deformable energy absorbing bracket 20. Energy absorbing foam 15 may be located behind the fascia 16. Injury to a pedestrian's leg 5 is minimised by providing a contact with the grille 19 in addition to a fascia contact zone.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberGB2394920A
IPCB60R 19/18,B60R19/52,B60R21/34
Priority date7/11/02
Filing date7/11/02
Publication statusPublished - 12 May 2004


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