Exploring the attitudes of students undertaking sports degrees towards online international learning

Tom Bason, Anthony May, Janna LaFountaine

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There is an increased focus on the internationalisation of the learning experiences of university students. One way this can be achieved is through ‘virtual internationalisation’, which can be promoted through the use of Online International Learning (OIL) programmes. This article on sport pedagogy investigates the attitudes of sport students to such a programme.


This article uses quantitative and qualitative methods. 63 students completed a survey and wrote reflective reports. Data was collected from a survey of 16 targeted questions addressing the attitudes of students towards the programme. Students also wrote reflective reports on their experiences, allowing for qualitative responses to be analysed.


62% of students surveyed found the internationalised module to have been a worthwhile experience in terms of learning new skills and working with a partner from an institution based in another continent. 65% suggested that they learned skills on the internationalised module they would use again in education and in future employment. Students from European Union countries gave high rates of positive feedback. 100% reported that the module was a worthwhile experience, compared to 60% of UK students and 38% of international students from outside the European Union.


62% of students surveyed stated that they learned new skills, and there was a perceived value to the programme in terms of enhancing employment prospects. Virtual mobilities projects offer a possible method for tutors to give students international experiences, which is important as sport is now a globalised industry.
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Article numbere000818
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Early online date2 Oct 2018
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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