EUROPEANA SPACE Deliverable: D4.6 Title: Outcome of the Dance Pilot

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    This document draws entirely on the work of the Europeana Space Dance Pilot and it owes its existence to the collective efforts of several people and institutions, including FCSH-UNL, IN2 and COVUNI. The Pilot explores cultural heritage content and the re-use of this content using the Europeana database and the potential to stimulate market development using digital technologies in relation to art, and specifically dance cultural heritage content. The Pilot has carried out numerous activities ranging from developing two prototypes, evaluating the tools, disseminating those results, sourcing cultural heritage content and co- organizing a dance hackathon held in Prague, Czech Republic. Its activities support the overarching goals of the Europeana Space Project. This deliverable provides an extensive report on the work conducted in the Europeana Space Dance Pilot carried out from M1 to M24. It illustrates the Pilot's activities, its approach to developing the prototypes, discusses its achievements and challenges, identifies Europeana and non-Europeana content, and also discusses the dance hackathon, and ends with a clear description of the Pilot’s sustainability plan and future work hoping to be carried out, all in relation to Europeana Space's key goals.
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