EUROPEAN-POLICY-BRIEF_Identity-Minorities: RICHES: European Minorities and Identity: strengthening relationships for a sense of belonging in the digital era

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    An aspect of RICHES research is concerned with digital CH websites and their contributions towards the development of a European identity that encapsulates the diversity of communities across the continent. In this context, identity is a plural entity that connotes a sense of belonging to a group or community or engagement in cultural activities, aesthetic judgment and freedom of expression.
    This policy brief discusses the main findings of the study and offers a series of recommendations, which can contribute to the understanding of a European identity and strengthen already existing relationships. The proposals are based on case studies involving the:

     Romani people of Coventry, United Kingdom
     Protestant community in Italy
     Jewish community in Rostock, Germany
     virtual community of in the Netherlands
     Dutch-Surinamese communities in the Netherlands
     Spanish-speaking community in Berlin, Germany.

    For these groups, their identities are maintained in their CH, which is manifested in languages, traditions, historical knowledge, everyday behaviour, and meanings and symbols attached to the intangible and tangible aspects of their CH. Therefore, making commonalities (such as common values, similar traditions, meals, stories) between communities visible, is a positive way to foster European identity and digital technologies provide easy and flexible access to these commonalities. Although such technologies have facilitated and enabled the construction and maintenance of identity, it should also be recognised that they have still to permeate all sections of
    society and that there is a risk that some communities might be left behind.
    Original languageEnglish
    TypePolicy Brief Paper
    Number of pages8
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2016


    • RICHES
    • Intangible Cultural Heritage
    • Identity
    • Arts
    • digital technologies


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