Estimating the required number of harbour pilots to support airline operations of a single pilot commercial aircraft at a UK regional airport

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    Single pilot passenger aircraft concepts are being developed by several manufacturers. Various technological approaches are being explored: one concept is to use a Harbour Pilot dedicated to providing support for departures and arrivals. The Harbour Pilot has comprehensive knowledge of the terminal area airspace, procedures and operations. However, if a single pilot aircraft is to be viable the number of supporting personnel needs to be significantly smaller than the number of First Officers normally employed for a two-crew aeroplane. However, the number such staff has yet to be determined. This study models operations by a UK low-cost operator at a regional airport to determine the optimum number of Harbour Pilots required to support operations throughout the day. The model uses a simplified time-line analysis with task data incorporated into a dynamic discrete event modelling system allowing for multiple replications using various configurations. Results suggest that for this operation six Harbour Pilots per shift used flexibly to support both departures and arrivals would be required.
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