Environmentally friendly electroless copper composition

A POOLE MARK (Inventor), J COBLEY ANDREW (Inventor), AMRIK SINGH (Inventor), V HIRST DEBORAH (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electroless copper composition which does not contain formaldehyde and is environmentally friendly. ;SOLUTION: The composition contains one or more copper ion sources, one or more thiocarboxylic acids, glyoxylic acid and a salt thereof, and one or more alkaline compounds for keeping the composition alkaline. The thiocarboxylic acid includes a compound having the following formula: HS-(CX1)r-(CHX2)s-COOH (wherein X1 represents -H or -COOH; X2 represents -H or -SH; and r and s are positive integers while r is 0 to 2, or 0 or 1 and s is 1 or 2). The composition is used for electroless plating. ;COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberJP2008169465A
IPCH05K 3/42 ,H05K 3/18,C23C 18/40
Priority date7/07/06
Filing date6/07/07
Publication statusPublished - 24 Jul 2008


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  • Environmentally friendly electroless copper compositions

    POOLE, MARK, A., COBLEY, ANDREW, J., SINGH, AMRIK. & HIRST, DEBORAH, V., 16 Mar 2008, IPC No. C23C 18/38, C23C 18/40, Patent No. TW200813255A, 5 Jul 2007, Priority date 7 Jul 2006, Priority No. US20060819246P

    Research output: Patent

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