Entrepreneurship and equity crowdfunding: A research agenda

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    The potential of ‘the crowd’ to enhance investments, especially at levels previously that could reduce the financial constrain faced by new ventures, has led to the introductions of regulations to dominate crowdfunding activities. One of regulated areas is equity crowdfunding, which has the potential to disrupt the existing market provision for equity finance to early stage firms. This paper aims to provide a theoretical review of the extant literature. The results identify, from the perspective of entrepreneurs, equity investors and government, the key issues that potentially differentiate crowdfunding from other sources of equity finance and how these issues change the relationship between entrepreneurs and potential funders. Based upon the findings of the theoretical review, the paper suggests research directions in which future researchers can employ behaviour theory, agency theory and signalling theory to explore, investigate and further develop our understanding about equity crowdfunding within the entrepreneurial context.
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    EditorsUlla Hytti, Robert Blackburn, Denise Fletcher, Friederike Welter
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    Publication statusPublished - 25 Nov 2016

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