Endovascular permanent heart assist device

Bulent Oran (Inventor), Oran Omer Faruk (Inventor), Elif Oran (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The invention is a heart assist device which has been developed in order to maintain the blood circulation in end-stage heart patients who do not respond to medical treatment, and it has been designed in size and shape so that it can be installed into the anatomically spacious root sections of the aorta and main pulmonary artery. With its small volume, and exceptional motor design without a shaft, the device, which contains a brushless, asynchronous and three-phase electric motor, will consume much less energy. The three-phase current required for the motor is provided from the power supply outside the body through the synchronous and wireless transmission of three phases. The invention is about a permanent endovascular cardiac support device which contains a three-phase, brushless, asynchronous electric motor, and the required energy is provided through the three-phase wireless power transmission from outside the body
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS10124102B2
IPC A61M 60/139,A61M 60/216,A61M 60/422, A61M 60/515, A61M 60/569, A61M 60/825, A61M 60/873,A61N 1/362,A61M 60/82
Priority date20/12/12
Filing date18/12/13
Publication statusPublished - 13 Nov 2018


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