Emergence - Emily Dickinson

Nicole Panizza (Director), Nadine Benjamin (Performer)

Research output: Practice-Based and Non-textual ResearchDigital or Visual Media

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Dr Nicole Panizza, piano (UK)
Ms Nadine Benjamin, soprano (UK)

Featured poet/texts - Emily Dickinson

Featured composers

Luigi Zaninelli (1932-) | USA
Aaron Copland (1900-1990) | USA
Juliana Hall (1958-) | USA
Sylvia Glickman (1932-2006) | USA
Ella Jarman-Pinto (1989-) | UK

Featured works

12 Poems of Emily Dickinson (1950-1951) – Aaron Copland
Seven Epigrams of Emily Dickinson (2003) – Luigi Zaninelli
To Meet a Flower (2015) – Juliana Hall
A Northeast Storm (2000) – Juliana Hall
In Reverence (1985) – Juliana Hall
Black Cake (1978) – Sylvia Glickman
This Little Rose (2010) – Ella Jarman-Pinto

Additional Information

Emergence-Emily Dickinson is an inter-medial, practice-led project, comprising an album and a live, semi-staged performance based on art song settings of Emily Dickinson's oeuvre. Where previous adaptations have emphasised more singular literary themes (Syllables of Velvet, Sentences of Plush (2010), A Quiet Passion (2016)), this research, via temporal modalities, challenges the way we curate Dickinson’s texts, and promotes art song praxis as a viable tool for understanding and experiencing her work at a deeper level. Building connections to parallel curation of her life and work (The Gorgeous Nothings (2013), The Belle of Amherst (1976), Dickinson (2019), The ms of m y kin (2009)), the two components explore the notion of ‘emergence’: the artist’s voice as a transformative medium, where the creative synthesis of poet, composer, and performer can ‘become visible after being concealed’.

Devised, curated, and performed by pianist and Dickinson scholar Nicole Panizza, soprano Nadine Benjamin, and published by Stone Records (2019), the album serves as a unique, investigative anthology; specifically designed to highlight the critical interface between seminal and premiere settings. Acclaimed as “committed” (Sunday Times, 2019), and a “great tribute”, with “beautifully controlled singing, and care for the text” (BBC Music Magazine, 2019), with key performances and international broadcasts for Classic FM (2019), FT Oxford Literary Festival, and BBC World Service (2018), each track emphasises the profound role that the written word played within Dickinson’s life, and renders a sonic legacy that speaks beyond immediate literary enquiry. The live performance operates as a fluid extension of the key research imperatives, incorporating audio/visual elements (timed projection, representing Dickinson’s routines and reverie) and pre-recorded narration (biographic musings, and extracts from her poems and letters). Artistic residencies and performances at Blackheath Halls (2019), Aldeburgh Festival, and National Poetry Library (2020) serve to further elucidate the research beyond existing, genre-specific domains.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationUnited Kingdom
PublisherStone Records
Media of outputCD
Publication statusPublished - 22 Nov 2018


  • Emily Dickinson
  • American song
  • Music Performance
  • American literature
  • American music

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