Elite: Lave Revolution

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AD 3174 - One man's world. AD 3265 - Not any more. Lave. A single planet, orbiting a dying star. For centuries, spacefarers have visited, docked at the space station and left, with no thought for the people on the planet below. Bad luck at cards means bad luck all round for Pietro Devander, who journeys half way across human controlled space to this ancient planet, whose name is barely remembered. What he finds is resistance. What it becomes, is revolution. The second edition of Elite: Lave Revolution. This version, published by HWS Press, comes with more than eleven thousand words of additional material from the appendices produced for the Kickstarter. "Stroud has a rare way with words that really engages and disarms the reader." - Antony Jones: SFBook.com
Original languageEnglish
PublisherHWS Press
Number of pages410
ISBN (Print)9781910987131
Publication statusPublished - 25 Jun 2015


  • Elite
  • Elite Dangerous


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