eLearning content provision

Rachid Anane, S. Crowther, J. Beadle, G. Theodoropoulo

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It is widely acknowledged that the acceptance of eLearning frameworks requires the adoption of, and compliance with standards. This requirement is especially relevant to the design and delivery of courseware. We are concerned with learning content provision mediated by a learning management system (LMS), which complies with instructional management system (IMS) standards. The requirements for the LMS, as a tool for course management, are specified through different perspectives. Issues related to content creation and delivery are identified and addressed from the perspectives of the instructor, the learner, as well as the requirements of specific learning content. The learning management system is put in context by considering ways of enhancing content mediation in eLearning. The system is part of a research programme aimed at providing a framework for agent-supported eLearning.
Original languageEnglish
Pages420 - 425
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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