Effect of date palm pollen supplementation on female sexual function in non-menopausal women: A double blind randomized clinical trial

Roghayeh Salmani, Khadijeh Nasiri, Yousef Javadzadeh, Roya Salmani, Cain C.T. Clark, Vahideh Aghamohammadi

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    Objective: Despite numerous experimental studies in the literature, there are few clinical trials regarding the effect of date palm pollen (DPP) supplementation on sexual function improvement. In the present study, we sought to evaluate the impact of DPP on female sexual function in Iranian non-menopausal women. Methods: Between October 2019 and December 2019, health centers in the city of Khalkhal, volunteers meeting the inclusion criteria were recruited in randomized clinical trials. Sixty-eight women were randomly stratified and assigned to one of the two study groups: placebo group (n = 35) and palm pollen group (n = 35), and received a starch or palm pollen capsule (300 mg per day), respectively, for 35 d. The Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) instrument was used to assess female sexual function. Results: After DPP supplementation, the increase in desire, lubrication, and the overall score, was statistically significant compared to the placebo group (P = 0.002, P = 0.000, and P = 0.042; respectively); Whilst there was no significant differences in the remaining domains (arousal: P = 0.763; orgasm: P = 0.370; satisfaction: P = 0.474; pain: P = 0.259). There was a statistically significant positive correlation between the coitus and preintervention levels of desire (r = 0.298, P = 0.038), arousal (r = 0.328, P = 0.021), lubrication (r = 0.361, P = 0.011), orgasm (r = 0.320, P = 0.025), satisfaction (r = 0.327, P = 0.022), and overall scores (r = 0.338, P = 0.018). Conclusion: This study suggests that DPP (300 mg supplementation for 35 d), given to non-menopausal women, could improve the lubrication and desire domains of FSFI.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)643-648
    Number of pages6
    JournalChinese Herbal Medicines
    Issue number4
    Early online date27 Aug 2022
    Publication statusPublished - Oct 2022

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    We acknowledge Khalkhal University of Medical Sciences for funding this trial (grant ID:1398.001).


    • date palm polle
    • female
    • lubrication
    • randomized controlled trial
    • sexual dysfunction

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