Edge Habitats: Platforms for Exchange Between the Arts and Sciences

Lance Gharavi, Jake Pinholster, Xin Wei Sha, Ed Finn, Boyd Branch, Daniel Fine

Research output: Other contribution


A wide range of STEAM collaborations on a variety of platforms are discussed, including strengths, limitations, and ways of developing initiatives. Presenters review past accomplishments, identify present challenges, and articulate future goals for effectively bringing together people from STEM disciplines with experts in the arts. How does one go about creating effective habitats for cutting-edge intersections of art and science? What models are out there? What new models might we wish for and design?
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 6 Nov 2014

Bibliographical note

This was for the a2ru (Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities Conference) at Iowa State University 06/11/2014. (https://a2ru.org/) (https://dr.lib.iastate.edu/entities/publication/b29d1fba-6856-4b3d-b72c-763ea00ff080/full)


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