Drawing Breath/ Respirar Arte

Research output: Practice-Based and Non-textual ResearchExhibition

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - Sept 2008

Bibliographical note

The author John Devane was the curator, author of catalogue essay and exhibitor of this exhibition Drawing Breath/ Respirar Arte at Lugar do Desenho, Porto, Portugal, 13th Sep 08 – 15th Oct 08. Author's note: This exhibition provided an opportunity to test certain approaches to drawing in an international venue. It enabled the author/artist to exhibit his own practice alongside fourteen artists and curate a show with the aim of testing and challenging some of the assumptions about the usefulness of drawing in relation to ‘carrying the content of an art idea’. The exhibition was the result of four years of planning and negotiation with the Lugar do Desenho in Porto. Lugar do Desenho: Fundacao Julio Resende is a venue of International importance in the field of drawing and the initial exhibition proposal was subject to a review process by the directorate of the Lugar do Desenho.
Each of the fifteen artists had a number of works included in the show, ranging in scale and ambition – some of which posed difficult installation challenges.
The catalogue essay by the author sought to establish the context for the research/practice by locating the premise of the exhibition in relation to the dual role of each exhibitor as artist/educator.
It is a commonly held position in Western European art practice to regard the value of skill in relation to art practice as somehow pejorative and tainted by the shackles of academicism. There are a number of reasons for taking this stance but it is arguably the early modernist position of celebrating the ‘untutored’ or the ‘naive’ which has perhaps had most impact on those aspects of art practice which might be reliant on transmitted skills and competencies. The significance of this research can be characterised by a desire to challenge such assumptions and articulate ideas about drawing which will be contrary to prevailing orthodoxies.
The exhibition has been reviewed in an article: Desenhos de britânicos para ver no "Lugar" (2008), Cultura, pg.51: Journal de Noticias, Portugal. The review is online at http://www.jn.pt/PaginaInicial/Cultura/Interior.aspx?content_id=1013709&page=-1

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