Desarrollo de una aplicacion computacional para simulacion de la red de recoleccion de gas de Lagomar

Translated title of the contribution: Development of a computer application software for network simulation of Lagomar gas collection system

Yessica Arellano

Research output: Other contribution


The main goal of this investigation is to construct a computational application that allows the evaluation and diagnosis of Lagomar gas collection systems performance. This investigation is of the descriptive and field type, since its objectives allow us to describe and make evident the characteristics of the collection system taking into account the operational data of the compression gas system. Population and sample of the investigation is constituted by 18 flow stations and 38 gas pipes that transport the collected gas to the suction of 4 compression modules. To achieve the proposed objectives, a network resolution program has been developed to simulate gas networks operating under steady-state conditions. Two calculation methods for network resolution were developed by application of basic programming techniques and the use of steady-state gas flow equations. Various tests to the computer program were conducted, in all of which the results provided by the program were very near to reference values. Tests on Lagomar network served to identify that it converges and reaches the predetermined tolerance condition under both the Newton-Nodal and Hardy-Cross calculation methods
Original languageSpanish
TypeMaster Thesis Output
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Externally publishedYes

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