Crypto Choreography / Soma Spy

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Crypto Choreography/ Soma Spy arises from and responds to three of Gibson's keynote presentations at three separate conferences – Everything is Data (National Design Centre, Singapore 2015), A Data Journey, (Digital Echoes, Centre for Dance Research 2016) and Full Circle Towards VR (DRHA 2017) – and through a research project, The Bronze Key: Performing Data Encryption (Malmö University 2017-2018).

The Bronze Key: Performing Data Encryption is an embodied and
performative intervention in discourses and practices around data privacy and security, the result of a collaboration between artists within the rubric of a major research project at Malmö University (Sweden)
called Living Archives. It points to one of the most urgent issues around archiving in the contemporary climate: we archive but
we are archived. If we realise that our data – in particular our bodily data – are archived often without our awareness or consent, then encryption becomes a necessity that filters down to everyday usage.

The Bronze Key: Performing Data Encryption is a collaboration between Ruth Gibson, Bruno Martelli and Susan Kozel and is a performative re-materialisation of bodily data. The collaborative experiment in data encryption expands research into practices of archiving and critical discourses around open data. It integrates movement, motion capture and Virtual Reality (VR) with a critical awareness of both data trails and data protection.
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Title of host publicationA World of Muscle, Bone & Organs
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EditorsSimon Ellis, Hetty Blades, Charlotte Waelde
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2018

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