Coriolis coming of age

Manus Henry, Wade Mattar

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Coriolis technology, named after the French physicist, Gaspard Gustave Coriolis, is gaining worldwide acceptance for gas flow measurement. The technology results when a mass moving in a rotating frame of references experiences a tangential acceleration proportional to its linear velocity times the angular velocities. Most of the Coriolis mass flowmeters provide accurate measurements of mass flow, fluid density, and volumetric flow. The areas that have challenged the Coriolis technology includes liquids, two phase mixtures of gas and liquids, batching to and from empty, and so on. Changes in mechanical gain can be accommodated with the help of Coriolis flowmeter that results from rapid phase changes of a boiling liquid or chaotic flows of mixtures of gas and liquids with mass flow accuracy. Coriolis techniques have proven beneficial in unloading trucks or railcars, where the final minute of the load contains large amount of gas that get sucked out of the vessel.

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