Context Analysis for Transformative Change in the Ceramic Industry

Ahmed M. E. Khalil, Anne P. M. Velenturf, Masoud Ahmadinia, Shaowei Zhang

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Foundation industries are under increasing pressure to transform for sustainable development. Ceramics play a key role within foundation industries as a necessary material for building manufacturing facilities. Therefore, transforming the ceramic industry could support changes across other foundation industries as well, making it one of the most important industries to transform. Given the limited finances, staff time, and other resources to support transformative change, this study aims to identify a set of key intervention points to enable transformative change in the ceramic industry in the United Kingdom. A desk-based study, reviewing written industry, government, and scientific materials available in the public domain, was carried out to identify initial key intervention points for transformative change. The PESTLE approach was used to analyse macro factors in political, environmental, social, technological, legal, and economic domains in order to understand how the context enables or constrains change in the ceramic industry. A SWOT analysis was conducted to further consolidate the findings. Our analysis detected over 50 transformative change drivers and barriers and showed that decarbonisation and energy-saving strategies were the main drivers for transforming the UK ceramic industry. On the other hand, foreign government policy and legislation, trade barriers, skills shortages, and costly alternative energy sources were among the major barriers.
Original languageEnglish
Article number12230
Number of pages25
Issue number16
Publication statusPublished - 10 Aug 2023
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This research work was funded by the Transforming Foundation Industries Research and Innovation hub (TransFIRe), which is funded by UKRI via grant no. EP/V054627/1.


  • foundation industries
  • circular economy
  • sustainability
  • decarbonisation
  • transition management
  • ceramic industry
  • transformative change
  • resource efficiency
  • dematerialisation
  • context analysis


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