Contemporary Media Regulation: A Case Study in Copyright Law

Hayleigh Bosher, Dinusha Mendis

Research output: Other contribution


Contemporary Media Regulation: A Case Study in Copyright Law is an educational web
resource which addresses Critical Perspectives in Media, Section B: Contemporary Media
A Level students who choose Contemporary Media Regulation are free to study any media
texts, theories, case studies, debates and issues, providing they relate to four prompts listed
in the Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examination Board (OCR) Unit Specification (p. 39). For
purposes of this copyright education resource, the four prompts have been adapted to the
copyright context. Each prompt contains original illustrations and explanatory texts.
The content is shaped to enable teachers to explain the complexity and importance of
copyright in media, and for the students to research copyright regulation and demonstrate
their understanding within the Contemporary Media Regulation exam question.
This educational resource provides teachers with simple and straightforward information
about copyright. The focus is to bring together different perspectives on copyright issues.
There is a consideration of the historical, contemporary and future copyright issues, with an
emphasis on present.
This resource and are based in the UK and therefore the content here
reflects what is permitted under UK copyright legislation.
Original languageEnglish
TypeEducational Resource
Number of pages44
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2015


  • copyright
  • education
  • Media Studies


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