Commonplace diversity and the ‘ethos of mixing’: perceptions of difference in a London neighbourhood

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    The London Borough of Hackney is one of the most diverse places in Britain. It is characterised by a multiplicity of ethnic minorities, different migration histories, religions, educational and economic backgrounds both among long-term residents and newcomers. This article describes attitudes towards diversity in such a ‘super-diverse’ context. It develops the notion of ‘commonplace diversity’, referring to cultural diversity being experienced as a normal part of social life. While many people mix across cultural differences in public and associational space, this is rarely translated into private relations. However, this is not perceived as a problem, as long as people adhere to a tacit ‘ethos of mixing’. This comes to the fore in relation to groups who are blamed to ‘not want to mix’ in public and associational space. The article discusses the fine balance between acceptable and unacceptable social divisions in relation to specific groups who are seen to lead separate lives.
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    JournalIdentities: Global Studies in Culture and Power
    Issue number4
    Early online date13 Sept 2013
    Publication statusPublished - 2013

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    • super-diversity
    • neighbourhoods
    • London
    • cultural diversity
    • everyday multiculturalism
    • encounters


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