Co-creation cube: thinking outside and on the box

Paul Magee, Nikki Holliday, Gillian Ward

Research output: Working paper/PreprintWorking paper


This article covers the work of a multi-disciplinary team whose primary objective was to develop a novel working process in response to internal operational constraint, that empowers collaborators outside of existing structures on a teaching campus and technology park. The main outcomes are a new process, an internal recognition of the impact on productivity and potential of new thinking. The resulting output is a replicable template to support and encourage collaboration suitable for multi- disciplinary activity. In conclusion, the investigation into cross-campus activities suggests that tactile geometric abstraction can result in a tool for collaborative working. Additionally, collaboration events require careful facilitation, time management and an inspiring location to best encourage and democratically release the hidden insights of a gathered collective.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusIn preparation - Mar 2018


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