Closing in on Nature - Natural Habitats

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Four residential projects, often in remote locations in all corners of the world, are reviewed in this essay. Designed for placement into the very midst of nature, each project has its own unique site-specific narrative, all having encountered a varying degree of challenges during the design process and beyond. Overall, the constraints and processes have altogether unquestionably paid off, as the buildings continue to integrate, mature and morph into their dramatic surroundings long into the future. Perhaps there is a deeper connection with nature, when living in the natural environment as one ‘equal’ part of the wider eco system. Use of locally sourced, natural, often handcrafted materials add to the authenticity of contemporary rural living. The projects come completely equipped with the necessary components for contemporary living in these types of locations. Open plan, clutter free spaces become tranquil viewing ports and comfortable hideaways.

Written by Heidi Saarinen
Original languageKorean
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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