Chaos Reborn: The Loremaster's Guide

Allen Stroud, Julian Gollop

Research output: Practice-Based and Non-textual ResearchArtefact


The Loremaster's Guide is a companion book to the computer game, Chaos Reborn by Julian Gollop and Snapshot Games. In these pages, you will learn more about the Fractured Realms and the mysterious world of Limbo that lies at the heart of the Vortex. Written and illustrated to provide background and context, the guide is a collection of journals and essays from people who live in this strange alternative reality. It documents their lives, their hopes, their adventures and their dreams. About the Author: Allen Stroud is a Science Fiction and Fantasy writer and academic whose research work involves developing guide material for transmedia projects in both genres. He previously worked on background material for the computer game, Elite: Dangerous by Frontier Deveklopments. Allen is also working on The Death of Gods trilogy, the official fiction of Chaos Reborn.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSnapshot Games
Media of outputOnline
Size108 pages
Publication statusPublished - 2 May 2016


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