Can the Benefits of Creative Methods Support the Inclusion of Children as part of Intergenerational Research Projects?

Georgia Kirtland, Nikki Holliday, Julia Carroll

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Objectives: To compare benefits of a creative research tool (Lego® building) to a traditional social science method (focus group), when engaging inter-generational participants (parents and children) as contributors in the development of technology to support the health/well-being of older people.

Design: The mixed-methods study design collected qualitative and quantitative data to compare two different methodologies which may be used in the development of technologies to support the health and wellbeing of older people.

Methods: Seventy-five participants were recruited through an event called Coventry Young Researchers. Parents provided consent for themselves and their children. The sessions alternated between the two methods throughout the week. Data was transcribed, and then analysed using thematic analysis, with questionnaire data being summarised using descriptive statistics.

Results: There was no variance in innovativeness of designs, or richness of data between sessions, with both developing equally creative ideas that covered similar themes with regarding older people’s health and wellbeing (inclusiveness, travel, social, artificial intelligence, healthy lifestyles). Participants reported
enjoying the Lego® building session more, and were better engaged, being more likely to make a design contribution in the Lego® building condition.

Conclusions: Although in both the Lego® and focus group settings participants were able to produce innovative ideas regarding the development of technologies to support older people, the inclusion of a creative research tool, such as Lego® makes participating easier for children and parents, and encourages all participants to
have a design contribution, not just those brave enough to speak up in front of their peers.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2 May 2019
EventBritish Psychological Society Annual Conference - Harrogate Convention Centre, Harrogate, United Kingdom
Duration: 1 May 20192 May 2019


ConferenceBritish Psychological Society Annual Conference
CountryUnited Kingdom


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Kirtland, G., Holliday, N., & Carroll, J. (2019). Can the Benefits of Creative Methods Support the Inclusion of Children as part of Intergenerational Research Projects?. 68. Poster session presented at British Psychological Society Annual Conference, Harrogate, United Kingdom.