Biomass Ashes for Acid Mine Drainage Remediation

Anna Bogush, Cosmina Dabu, Vera D. Tikhova, Jong Kyu Kim, Luiza C. Campos

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    Acid mine drainage (AMD) is the largest environmental problem facing the world mining and processing industry because it has low pH and can contain high concentrations of potential pollutants. Biomass ash (BA) can be considered as a potential material for AMD treatment. The main goal of this work was to investigate potential use of Biomass ash of CPK-LA and PK-LA types for AMD remediation. Four UK BAs from different fuels (i.e. straw, meat and bone meal, poultry litter), synthetic AMD, and raw AMDs (Belovo and Ursk) were used for the AMD treatment experiments. Batch experiments showed that in 1 h the biomass ash from straw combustion can effectively neutralise the synthetic AMD and the Belovo AMD with removal of potential pollutants at the liquid-to-solid ratio (L/S) of 100–250 and 10–50, respectively. The biomass ashes from straw and poultry litter combustion can effectively remove pollutants from the Ursk AMD at L/S 100 and adjust pH. The metal concentrations of those treated AMDs met receiving water quality standards. Potential pollutants precipitated as carbonate/hydroxide/sulphate, co-precipitated with Fe oxyhydroxides and Ca phosphates, and appeared as new phases such as Ca, Cu, Zn phosphates and Ca, Fe phosphates. This investigation is essential for development of appropriate, environmentally friendly and economically rational waste management.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)4977-4989
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    JournalWaste and Biomass Valorization
    Issue number9
    Early online date13 Sept 2019
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2020

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    National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) and the Korean Government (MOE) (Grant No. 2017R1D1A1B03032181


    • AMD remediation
    • Biomass ash
    • Industrial water treatment
    • Meat and bone meal
    • Poultry litter
    • Straw

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