Bibliometric Analysis of Ethical Leadership Research in Social Sciences

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This study aims to retrieve and analyze the publications on ethical leadership in social sciences. SSCI database of WoS was searched between 1987-2017 for this purpose through bibliometric analysis approach. VOS Viewer software was used to analyze and visualize various features of publications; thereby, co-occurrences of author keywords, bibliographic coupling of the journals, bibliographic coupling of the countries, bibliographic coupling of the authors, bibliographic coupling of the publications, and bibliographic coupling of the institutions were analyzed. The most important country in this field was the USA, the second and the third ones were China and the Netherlands. The most important author in this field was Trevino, L.K. and the most important research team was Trevino, L.K. and Brown, M. The most important publication in this field, Brown & Treviño (2006), was authored by this team. The most important institution was Penn State University in the USA, having been employed the most important research team therein. The strongest journal in this field was Journal of Business Ethics and the second one was Leadership Quarterly. The most studied concepts in their relations with ethical leadership were; transformational leadership, performance, organizational citizenship behavior, perceptions of followers, ethics, decision-making, authentic leadership, leader-member exchange, values, job satisfaction, business ethics, trust, personality, commitment, and charismatic leadership.
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JournalElectronic International Journal of Education, Arts, and Science (EIJEAS)
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Publication statusPublished - 2017
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  • Ethical leadership
  • bibliometric analysis
  • bibliographic coupling


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