Between 1, 2 & 3

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Between 1 brought together artists Hayley Newman (UK) and Patricia Baga (USA).
Trisha Baga presented a new work titled ‘Pedestrian Mysticism’ featuring a performative screening that blurs the lines between video and performance. Using video projection as a set, a prop and a character, Baga took on the roles of director, screenwriter, editor, actor and location scout for ‘Between1’.

Hayley Newman presented 'Facing' a solo performance about the face, expression and how we relate to each other. Worn out dishcloths with individual faces embroidered on them were expressively animated, each replacing the artists own face. At the end of the performance the audience were invited to wear T-shirts with punctuation marks printed on them; wearing an exclamation mark or a semi-colon, people stood next to each other creating emoticons together.

For Between 2, Adkins and Annika Ström jointly took over Gallery 3 to present two performances simultaneously, ‘The Inept Five’ and ‘Material Balance’. Ström’s ‘The Inept Five’ featured five graduated acting students hired to act as inept graduating acting student, working as extra staff at the opening performance “Between” and assisting Adkins chess match re enactment ‘Material Balance’

Finishing the Between Series on 21st September 2012, was Ruth Barker (UK), and Helen Collett and Lois Macdonald (UK).

Barker re-imagined the ancient Epic of Gilgames using both live and recorded vocal performance, whilst Collett and Macdonald explored the importance of communication between artist, gallery and audience as well as the confines of their own working relationship.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 3 Mar 2012


  • Curating
  • Performance
  • Historic Reconstruction


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