Association of Dietary Patterns with Visceral Adiposity, Lipid Accumulation Product, and Triglyceride-Glucose Index in Iranian Adults

Mohammad Reza Amini, Hossein Shahinfar , Nadia Babaei , Samira Davarzani , Mojdeh Ebaditabar , Kurosh Djafarian, Cain Clark, Sakineh Shab-Bidar

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In the present study, we sought to examine the association between dietary patterns (DPs) and visceral adiposity, lipid accumulation product (LAP), and triglyceride-glucose index. This cross-sectional study was conducted on adults aged between 18–45 years old who lived in Tehran, Iran, between February 2017 and December 2018 (n = 270). DPs were derived using principal component analysis. We used analysis of variance to examine differences in continues variables across tertiles of major DPs. Subsequently, for the modeling of these relationships, and also considering the possible effect of the confounding factors, multivariate regression was used. Three DPs were identified: healthy pattern, mixed pattern, and western pattern, respectively. Compared with individuals in the lowest category of mixed pattern, those in the highest category had lower fasting blood sugar (96.26 ± 11.57 vs. 101 ± 28.66, p = 0.01). A significant association was found between healthy pattern, after adjustment for potential confounders, and odds of LAP; such that individuals in the top category of healthy pattern score were 71% less likely to have a high LAP compared with those in the lowest category (odds ratio, 0.29; 95% confidence interval, 0.10–0.81). We found that adherence to a healthy DP was associated with decreased LAP. To confirm the veracity of these findings, more studies should be conducted.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)145-156
Number of pages12
JournalClinical Nutrition Research
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 21 Apr 2020

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  • Diet
  • abdominal obesity
  • Insulin resistance

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