Art as a transformative tool for opinion formation in urban public space

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    Art as a Politically Transformative Tool
    How do the pedagogic strategies employed by spatial practices effect and contribute to the transformation and construction of subjectivity? What forms of knowledge are produced, and what types of subjects are supported?
    The ‘educational turn’ is a recent development in the field of contemporary art, which has seen the inclusion of the tropes of education in or as art and curatorial practice. Many of these projects draw on a methodology, which involves offering alternative, non-hierarchical and bottom-up models of learning that are based on radical pedagogic strategies from educational theorists like Freire, Dewey and Piaget. This paper examines the way in which pedagogical methods are applied in the production of spatial practice projects and how these processes of education and learning support the transformation of subjects, as well as enable the formation of communities of interest.


    ConferenceLund Urban Creativity Conference 2019 Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies and the Division of Art.
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