Adaptive Filtering-Based Pseudo Open-Loop Three-Phase Grid-Synchronization Technique

Hafiz Ahmed, Samet Biricik, Elhoussin Elbouchikhi, Mohamed Benbouzid

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    This paper studies the grid-synchronization problem of three-phase system. Second-order adaptive filters are a popular tool for grid-synchronization. In this context, reduced-order generalized integrator has attracted some attention in recent time. However, existing implementations cannot control directly the closed-loop poles (real and imaginary) of reduced-order generalized integrator. To overcome this limitation, this paper proposes a novel reduced-order generalized integrator structure. To make the proposed technique frequency adaptive, an open-loop frequency estimation technique is also used. Comparative performance analysis are provided over two other advanced and recently proposed techniques. Results demonstrate the suitability and effectiveness of the proposed technique.
    Original languageEnglish
    Article number2927
    Number of pages14
    Issue number11
    Publication statusPublished - 7 Jun 2020

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    • Adaptive filter
    • Frequency estimation
    • Grid-synchronization
    • Phase estimation

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