A Systematic Scoping Review of Climate Finance Law in Guyana: Opportunities and Challenges within the Context of Significant Oil Discoveries

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Guyana is particularly vulnerable to climate change and its effects. It is highly susceptible to rising sea levels and flooding, as a result of much of its population living at or below sea level, and its worn coastal infrastructure. Guyana’s government has recognised the urgency of addressing climate change but identified its limited financial capacity to take climate adaptation and mitigation actions. Nevertheless, it has adopted some law and policy initiatives to enable increased public and private climate finance. Simultaneously, laws and
policies exist to financially enable exploration and production of significant oil resources recently discovered, even though oil exploration and production are a major driver of climate change. This article presents a scoping review, facilitated by Bowman’s (2018) Legal Analytical Framework of Climate Finance Options, of climate finance law in Guyana and the possible tensions that exist with laws and policies for the purpose of financing the exploration and production of oil discoveries. The wider contribution of this article is therefore to the emerging field of climate finance law by reviewing the Guyanese experience to date.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages38
JournalOil, Gas and Energy Law
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 16 Mar 2020


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