A systematic review of reviews identifying UK validated dietary assessment tools for inclusion on an interactive guided website for researchers: www.nutritools.org

J Hooson, J Hutchinson, M Warthon-Medina, N Hancock, K Greathead, B Knowles, E Vargas-Garcia, LE Gibson, LA Bush, B Margetts, S Robinson, A Ness, NA Alwan, PA Wark, M Roe, P Finglas, T Steer, P Page, Laura Johnson, K Roberts & 4 others B Amoutzopoulos, VJ Burley, DC Greenwood, JE Cade

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    Background: Health researchers may struggle to choose suitable validated dietary assessment tools (DATs) for their target population. The aim of this review was to identify and collate information on validated UK DATs and validation studies for inclusion on a website to support researchers to choose appropriate DATs. Design: a systematic review of reviews of DATs was undertaken, DATs validated in UK populations were extracted from the studies identified . A searchable website was designed to display this data. Additionally, mean differences and limits of agreement between test and comparison methods were summarised by method, weighting by sample size. Results: Over 900 validation results covering 5 life-stages, 18 nutrients, 6 dietary assessment methods and 9 validation method types were extracted from 63 validated DATs which were identified from 68 reviews. These were incorporated into www.nutritools.org. Limits of Agreement were determined for about half of validations. 34 DATs were FFQs. Only 17 DATs were validated against biomarkers, and only 19 DATs were validated in infant/children/adolescents. Conclusions: The interactive www.nutritools.org website holds extensive validation data identified from this review and can be used to guide researchers to critically compare and choose a suitable DAT for their research question, leading to improvement of nutritional epidemiology research.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalCritical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
    Publication statusPublished - 18 Mar 2019


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    MRC MR/L02019X/1


    • Validation studies
    • Diet records
    • Systematic Review
    • Study Characteristics
    • Dietary Assessment
    • Limits of Agreement

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