A program for implementing market segmentation

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Organizations wishing to apply the principles of market segmentation often face problems putting the theory into practice. All too often the required background analysis is inadequate or poorly structured or the translation of segmentation strategy into marketing programs is impeded. To be successful, segmentation must lead an organization through a process which undertakes background analysis, determines strategy and develops marketing programs. However, there are a number of points at which the process can break down. Shows how the segmentation program described has tackled these difficulties, leading several management teams through the analysis, strategy and program elements of the market segmentation process. A range of benefits arise from the program. Primary benefits are that the process puts the customer first, maximizes resources and emphasizes strengths over competitors. Secondary benefits relate to the development of a more market‐focussed company culture and the building of inter‐ and intra‐organizational relationships.
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JournalJournal of Business and Industrial Marketing
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