A new approach for incorporating sea-level rise in hybrid 2D/one-line shoreline models

Avidesh Seenath

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Hybrid 2D/one-line shoreline models, which typically apply a finite volume approach to simulate sediment transport and the one-line theory to update the shoreline morphology, are being increasingly applied over meso timescales (101 to 102 years) to inform coastal management. The one-line theory assumption of a constant closure depth prevents these models from considering the effects of sea-level rise in the shoreline morphology update. Sea-level rise, an endogenous driving factor of meso timescale coastal behaviour, influences the closure depth through its effects on the wave climate. This paper presents a new hybrid 2D/one-line approach that enables a time-varying closure depth in response to annual variations in wave climate as a solution for mirroring the effects of sea-level rise on the coastal profile and associated shoreline evolution. This new hybrid approach is applied to hindcast meso timescale shoreline evolution in a sandy coastal system and compared against the traditional hybrid 2D/one-line approach. Results show that the traditional hybrid approach gives the most accurate predictions whereas the new hybrid approach overpredicts shoreline erosion. However, this overprediction is attributed to net closure depth overestimation. This attribution gives confidence that the shoreline response to the time-varying closure depth specified is within expectations since closure depth overestimation increases offshore sediment transport in shoreline models. Therefore, it is likely that enabling a time-varying closure depth in hybrid 2D/one-line models may improve meso timescale shoreline predictions under sea-level rise if closure depths can be accurately prescribed over time.
Original languageEnglish
Article number18074
Number of pages22
JournalScientific Reports
Publication statusPublished - 27 Oct 2022

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