A Desktop Study of the Wind Resource in Barbados: Next Steps to Develop the Island’s Wind Sector

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This report outlines the results of a desktop study into the technical wind energy potential for the island of Barbados and suggests next steps for developing this resource. The key findings are as follows:
• Given the excellent resources on the island, utility-scale wind turbines are the cheapest way to generate electricity in Barbados. With economies-of-scale being most attractive for larger wind turbines and larger installed capacities.
• Seven potential wind zones are identified, yielding 64km2 of land available for utility-scale wind turbine deployment. It is recommended that these zones be considered for inclusion in the future Physical Development Plan.
• Hypothetically, there is enough land available in these zones for Barbados to generate nearly twice its current electricity demand solely from wind energy (472MW). Hohmeyer’s 2014 study of a 100% renewable Barbados required 200MW of wind.
• A review of current wind turbine planning consideration is required if this resource is to be effectively developed. Section 6.2 discusses suggested planning changes in a social, environmental and economic context.
• A detailed, investment-grade wind measurement campaign is required in order to identify suitable wind turbines, wind farm sites, provide accurate proof for financing, and to assist in the formation of attractive Feed-in Tariffs for wind. Working with overseas wind resource experts, the author has produced a detailed proposal for such a campaign, which includes developing local expertise for replicating wind measurement campaigns throughout the eastern Caribbean.
• There is a need to create a detailed wind strategy, whereby all wind sites are developed as one, thereby reducing duplication of resources and enabling optimum cost savings for the island’s population. The creation of a wind energy stakeholder group, involving Government, local communities and the utility will help ensure support at every level for the development of the island’s plentiful wind resource.
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Publication statusPublished - Apr 2017


  • Wind energy
  • Barbados
  • Resource assessment


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