Workshop on the identification, development and diffusion of pathways to accelerated decarbonisation of road transport

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    Movement of individuals and goods facilitates production and trade, enhances labour mobility and provides customers with access to goods. The environmental impact of transport is substantial and over 2010-2050 global transport emissions are projected to double, as high economic growth in developing countries, such as Brazil, supports strong increase in demand. Reducing transport-related climate emissions will require transformational changes in thinking, policy, technology and investment to enact. Developing international collaborations in research and policy development is a timely intervention to support this. This workshop will bring together early career researchers from Brazil and the UK with stakeholders from the transport value chain, providing a platform to share knowledge and experiences of relevant strategies and methods for the decarbonization of transport in the UK, Europe and Brazil. The partner institutions have internationally recognised research in the fields of energy, transport and decarbonisation and the access to national/international research networks required to deliver a successful workshop with long term impact. The workshop will have 3 key themes: transport intensity reduction (drivers for sustainable travel); energy intensity reduction (analysis of technologies and exploration of trade-offs); and carbon intensity reduction (vehicle emission reduction potential). It will benefit participants, researchers and the wider academic community by establishing new collaborations to accelerate the decarbonisation of road transport, applicable to Brazil and/or the UK. Participants will include institutional representatives, policymakers and key stakeholders from Parana and other Brazilian states to inform the debate and support public policy formulation. Benefits to ECRs include long-term mentorship opportunities, transnational networking, and the development collaborations leading to high-impact publications.
    Effective start/end date1/01/2031/01/21

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    • Transport Emissions
    • Transport Policy
    • decarbonisation


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