We Mobile -Infant feeding space - Design commission

    Project: Consultancy

    Project Details


    Based on the findings of the wider WE Mobile project, a requirement for a private infant feeding space has been identified. This commission included concept design of an infant feeding station for use in Airport lounges, CAD development, 3D printed scale prototypes, detailed drawings and digitally rendered illustrations of the concept. Design registered by Coventry University.

    Layman's description

    Private space to feed infants in travel locations.

    Key findings

    Design registration no: 6083544 (Class 10, 20)
    Trademark registration: UK00003467018
    Nurturepod Trademark registration: 00003467012
    Short titleNurturepod
    Effective start/end date4/11/1929/11/19


    • Privacy
    • Infant feeding
    • Busy spaces


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