Virtual Exhaust Prototyping System

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    The aim of this project was to optimise the throughput of multi-disciplinary and multi-physics optimisation problems. The project focused on optimising a lightweight exhaust system encompassing areas of thermo-mechanical, mechanical, acoustics, vibration, manufacturing and light-weighting analysis and design in a High Performance Computing (HPC) Environment. The project explored the aspect of numerical accuracy and uncertainty between physical principles, theory, mathematical modelling and analytical methods. This was achieved by “scaling” model complexities in order to “harmonise” multi-physics computing requirements, run time and accuracy. The project aim was to investigate the potential trade-off between accuracy and the computing time in a multi-physics and multi-disciplinary optimisation context by defining, developing and validating (against physical experimentation) an optimisation algorithm for HPC computing with an ultimate aim of eliminating the use of prototypes.
    Effective start/end date1/07/1430/06/16

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