Using Virtual Reality in teaching and learning - OfS funded

  • Sindi, Safaa (Principal Investigator)
  • Hu, Jiayao (Co-Investigator)

Project: Internally funded project

Project Details


The VR student project aims to help give students an immersive experience and gain a more in depth understanding of the supply chain concept of the Bullwhip effect. The concept is traditionally explained via a Beer Distribution Game, which the VR student project will build on to create an interactive and simulated environment for students to play and understand the Bullwhip effect, its causes and mitigation. Students will be able to experience various links of the supply chain, from dealing with suppliers, manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, retail and end consumer. This is beneficial for the BABM stream as it adds another dimension to the tools used in supply chain modules which would further enhance student engagement, teaching meathods and learning. This game is beneficial to all supply chain orientated modules and can be incorporated in seminars as well as workshops. Working with serious Games to design the game play, ensuring the correct embedding of the supply chain concepts and student learning experience has opened the potential for further development of the project. The aim is to increase the game play, supply chain risk issues, and the assets in the VR environment, hence adding more immersive experience as students can move from the brewery to the warehouse, to the loading and unloading and to the retail, rather than standing stationary in one environment. This would add to the student learning experience as they can potentially engage with more elements of the game that would add to their knowledge of how a supply chain looks like and the complexity of its operations.
StatusNot started


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