Trusted Intelligent Connected Autonomous Vehicles (TIC-IT)

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    Developed by HORIBA MIRA in partnership with Coventry University, the new facility will deliver a unique testing capability to ensure CAVs are safe and secure for use as part of a mobility solution.

    The facility will create a flexible and safe environment for testing connected and self-driving vehicles to the limit of controllability to ensure they are safe and secure.
    An integrated CAV ecosystem is being created to enable seamless transition from virtual to controlled, to public test environments.

    It is the only facility of its kind that combines the ability to safely assess the limits of controllability in a fully connected and configurable environment, fully connected to all relevant existing communications and 5G ready.
    Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/20

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    • Autonomous Vehicles
    • Transport Policy
    • Vehicle Safety
    • Vehicle regulation
    • Connected and Autonomous Mobility
    • Connected Vehicles


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