Tropicana Lido redevelopment, Weston-super-Mare

Project: Consultancy

Project Details


Working as the lead artist, in partnership with RCKa architects (London) on the redevelopment of Weston-super-Mare's Tropicana Lido. This is a £7m redevelopment of the lido, which has been there since 1937, funded by North Somerset Council. The redevelopment will bring the lido back in to use as, primarily, a multi-scale music venue. My role on the project is part-consultant, part-artist - to develop a programme of creative public engagement to run through the first stages of the redevelopment, and also to work closely with the architects in the design and realisation of a significant visual/sculptural element to be incorporated permanently into the redevelopment.

Layman's description

Designing a creative engagement programme and also a permanent sculptural element to be incorporated into the redevelopment.
Effective start/end date11/12/23 → …


  • visual art
  • architecture
  • Architectural history
  • redevelopment
  • public sculpture
  • public engagement


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